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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Women who smoke v smoking women...

Is there a difference?

Yes I think there is. At least, in my mind, but I'm not sure whether the distinction is actually reality. I can always hope ;-)

Basically there are two types...those who smoke because they are hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and there are those who smoke due to the occasion; social, sexual whatever.

Naturally I prefer the latter; they are smoking because they are in a bar, in a club, at a restauraunt- there are others around them smoking. Their style tends to be lot more sensual, more relaxed, more elegant and certainly sexier.

Does that mean that those who smoke because they are addicted are not sexy? Of course not! But I guess they tend not to see the sensual side of things...

The Holy Grail? the woman who smoke to tease, to seduce, to have all that power and effect she knows smoking has on us...;-)


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