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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What the fetish means for men may be different than for women

I've been thinking on this one for quite awhile now...

It is true that most of those who have the smoking fetish are men. After all, the smoking fetish is generally (but not exclusively) about watching women who smoke. Maybe it's also to do with the percentage of ladies online vs men but I do believe that is shrinking.

So what are the main differences between men who have the fetish and women?

Well, as I've said for the most part, it's about watching women smoke although I'm sure there is an element the opposite way too.

Ignoring the fact that some women do like watching men smoke, I've found that women who have the fetish tend to fall into one or both of the following caterogies:
1) Bisexual and Lesbian - enjoying for mainly the same reasons as us guys the visual image of another lady smoking
2) Enjoys the power/control kick - loves being the centre of attention through her smoking

Of course, the holy grail (which I have found on occasion) is the combination of both.

But practically speaking, the reason why I think there are more guys that have the fetish is that we are generally a lot more turned on by visual stimulation; pornography is often aimed at us. We get turned on a lot more by looking at form and body more than women do. So since the smoking fetish is often about watching (at first anyway) a lady smoke, that could be why the fetish manifests itself differently for women than for men.

What do you think?

Answers on a back of a postcard or posted here please..


At 10:25 pm, Anonymous Mike said...

When it comes to women who have a smoke fetish, I have met one who loved cigars, She really got off on me puffing a cigar then offering it up to her. I found that rather sensual too.

Of course this is about ladies with long elegant cigarettes but oh a stogie can be such a phalic image for a lady.

At 9:38 pm, Anonymous Emily said...

As a longtime smoking fetishist and bisexual female, for me the smoking fetish is all about an extension of foreplay. A handsome gentleman offering me a cigarette, lighting it for me, and joining me in a smoke is a great way to flirt and establish a sexual rapport. Also, now that most buildings ban smoking, going outside to share a cigarette is a great way to have private conversation. Not to mention "shotgunning", or sharing smoke from the same cig (I recommend this for exotic cigarettes like Djarum Cloves, a huge Goth favorite).
If anyone can recommend a good site with pictures of men smoking, that would be awesome.

At 11:05 am, Blogger SmokingFetishDave said...

Hi Emily...absolutely spot on. I also think that a lady smoking is a very unique and less in your face way (and therefore perhaps more effective) at showing in public the type of person she is in private.

If we say that smoking can represent both the external public glamourous, sophisticated side whilst exposing the more naughty bad girl "If I'm bad enough to smoke what else am I bad enough to do side" in public then the act of smoking itself is that sub-conscious communication.

Certainly that's how I feel about it...but am interested in the impact that has on a bisexual female relationship?

Why don't you email or MSN me (since you didn't leave your email) or Yahoo Msgr smokerdave2005 (note the 2005 for Yahoo).

At 9:40 am, Blogger john said...

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