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This blog is the musings of a longtime smoking fetisher who has spent not only a long time with the fetish, but a long time with the fetish online

Friday, November 18, 2005

So what exactly have I been up to?

Yes it's been awhile...and I've been up to the usual:
  • Bad driving as I try to catch sight of a gorgeous woman smoking or even holding a packet of cigarettes
  • Standing in the smoking section outside of work watching the smokers
  • Walking past gorgeous ladies' desks at work seeing if I can see if they're on the way for a smoke or if I can spot any cigarettes/lighters etc on their desk
  • Taking gorgeous ladies out to bars so they can smoke
  • Being talked to by aforementioned gorgeous ladies as they smoke

and....I even had the opportunity to haul my ass to a professional photo studio and spend two hours with the incredible Queen of the Smoking Fetish Lana Cox! Some great pictures, even if I do say so myself! Let me know if you'd like to see them!

Embarrassed at how rarely I update

When I first started the blog, it was a bit like a New Year's Resolution...I'll update every week for sure!

But then I didn't just got busy with work and the fetish...rather than just talking about it....and I'm embarrassed about how long it has taken me to do any updates!

What makes it even worse is the number of people who have emailed me saying they agree with my thoughts and more! more! more!

So I will try...promise!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Sorry folks...

It's been way too long since I had a chance to update this...but I will and soon...

In the meantime, I have found the Queen of Smoking Fetish. She is back...if she reads this she will know who I mean ;-)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Talking and camming with the stars of the fetish

Kind of a surreal post this....

Throughout the smoking fetish world, there are several 'stars' amongst the professional porn community; those performers who have appeared in smoking fetish movies that clearly 'understand' the fetish and are not just doing another shoot. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be speaking/watching these ladies in real life.

The famous and incredible, but alas now retired Lana Cox is often the first to come to mind. But there are several others whose names stick out: Layla Jade and Michelle Thorne.

In the last couple of weeks, I have spent a lot of time (and money!) speaking on the phone with Layla. She's done a lot of work for and is just incredible. Little did I know what an incredibly special person she is though, particularly with the tough time she's had recently. She's not only incredibly sexy, horny, smoky but sweet, kind and an incredibly nice person. This is not a plug for her but if you do want to say hi if you goto her website, look under news and you'll see the Keen link.

Michelle Thorne has been one of the original stars of the fetish with some early (but alas nothing recent) work for Bob. I met her on cam recently and just had to post as it really is incredible to be seeing someone you have admired, fantasised, wanted, seen, watched smoke for so long and then you get the opportunity to see her...if she asks me to, I'll point you to her link ;-)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Frequency of updates

Like all good things, they start off with good intentions.

I intend to post my thoughts several times a week; that may not be always possible but I will try. I'll tell you what's happened, who I've seen, done, met etc.

I do have a long list of submissions already written and waiting in my drafts folder to be published...but I didn't want to throw everything out the first day!

Stay tooned...

How the press see the fetish

Around the web, you occasionally pick up that the Fetish is covered by main stream press.

It's not a bad arcticle...although it is quite dated and I think we've moved on an awful lot since then....let me know what you think...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Women who smoke v smoking women...

Is there a difference?

Yes I think there is. At least, in my mind, but I'm not sure whether the distinction is actually reality. I can always hope ;-)

Basically there are two types...those who smoke because they are hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and there are those who smoke due to the occasion; social, sexual whatever.

Naturally I prefer the latter; they are smoking because they are in a bar, in a club, at a restauraunt- there are others around them smoking. Their style tends to be lot more sensual, more relaxed, more elegant and certainly sexier.

Does that mean that those who smoke because they are addicted are not sexy? Of course not! But I guess they tend not to see the sensual side of things...

The Holy Grail? the woman who smoke to tease, to seduce, to have all that power and effect she knows smoking has on us...;-)

What the fetish means for men may be different than for women

I've been thinking on this one for quite awhile now...

It is true that most of those who have the smoking fetish are men. After all, the smoking fetish is generally (but not exclusively) about watching women who smoke. Maybe it's also to do with the percentage of ladies online vs men but I do believe that is shrinking.

So what are the main differences between men who have the fetish and women?

Well, as I've said for the most part, it's about watching women smoke although I'm sure there is an element the opposite way too.

Ignoring the fact that some women do like watching men smoke, I've found that women who have the fetish tend to fall into one or both of the following caterogies:
1) Bisexual and Lesbian - enjoying for mainly the same reasons as us guys the visual image of another lady smoking
2) Enjoys the power/control kick - loves being the centre of attention through her smoking

Of course, the holy grail (which I have found on occasion) is the combination of both.

But practically speaking, the reason why I think there are more guys that have the fetish is that we are generally a lot more turned on by visual stimulation; pornography is often aimed at us. We get turned on a lot more by looking at form and body more than women do. So since the smoking fetish is often about watching (at first anyway) a lady smoke, that could be why the fetish manifests itself differently for women than for men.

What do you think?

Answers on a back of a postcard or posted here please..

Why the blog?

Well...I know all the members of the best ones...and I've been online with the fetish now for over 10 years...but I wanted an outlet for an explanation of my thoughts and experiences with the fetish...what I think, what I see, what I like, what I don't like, what and who I do...

I hate, really hate using the term, but I guess it's more of an intellectual exploration of the fetish, rather than visual (I'm a crap photographer).

So why? Well, I guess it's also an expression of the fetish to be able to talk about it and see people's comments. Whether what I experience is unique or part of what other people experience.

In case it's not obvious, the fetish for me is totally about eroticism and sex...and you'll see more of that throughout my posts.

I'm not really interested in hearing from other guys saying things like "Yeah I also like birds who smoke. Rock on dude". I am interested in hearing what other guys think and have experienced. I'm of course very interested in hearing the ladies' view of the fetish which I'm sure is different (I've got a post on that subject in my drafts box as I speak ;-)).

Feel free to email me direct or post comments on my posts! You can also add me to your MSN At some point I'll switch my Yahoo back on.

Defining the Fetish

It's never easy this. How many of us actually have taken the time to think about exactly what it is that drives us so mad? What's crazy is that I get asked this all the time, both online and in real life. But I've spent a long time thinking about the answer so I can furnish yet; yet it amazes me how other fetishers don't.

I know I'm a guy but blokes need to be able to articulate your thoughts and turn-ons...almost by it's definition, this fetish appeals to those ladies who are able to discern certain subtleties in body language, voice-intonation etc...

So here goes: For me, a woman who smokes is just incredibly sexy, seductive..erotic....she combines everything I love about the opposite sex. The horny, hot, whore, wanton, slut, bad-girl side and the more ladylike, seductive, glamourous feminine side. But I think it's even more than that. I think it's the fact that a lady "in the know" can have such power over me, such control, from across the far side of a packed room....must be lighting up that cigarette....looking right at me as she does...locking my eyes to her...that almost imperceptable smirk in her eyes that says "I know what I'm doing to you...just think....if I'm a bad enough girl to smoke, what else am I bad enough to do?"

Links I regularly look at

Well whenever I get some time alone, usually when I'm travelling and I'm either:
a) alone
b) with someone I want to explain the fetish to
c) no energy to try chatting up a smoker
d) in a place where for what ever reason I have been unable to procure professional company
I will logon to the web and regularly check certain sites.

First off though let me point you towards the link sites I regularly use; this is most definately not meant to replace them but just to tell you my favouries:
* - an absolute classic...whatever happened to Ron? Did he die 9/11? Certainly nothing has been heard of him since. Shame as it's rarely updated these days also due to the fact that with so much out there, there's less for people to create.
* - a phenomenal site...I just wish I had the time to post and contribute there as much as I take

As well as the above sites, I regularly also visit:
  • - superb quality material. Where does he get those gals from? You do have to question his choice in a minority of cases (they ming or obviously don't smoke IRL) but for sheer quality as well as Ty's generosity in giving away so much for free. That said, I'm a paid-up member!
  • - no comments needed really. His stuff was the top when he launched and he remains the absolute pinnacle of fetish media wth now a superb streaming video offering...of which I of course have lots of minutes banked!
  • - one of the originals and lighting/quality is excellent; but why does he have to wear his pants the whole time? Also a member...
  • - in recent months, the quality of the stories for my personal taste has dropped but the Transformation of Angela, posted in December is phenomenal...

There are of course lots more but these are where I visit on a regular occasion

An Introductory Post

Hello Everyone

Well this is the first time I've done a blog, and I'm sure there will be more springing up. Hopefully mine will stay unique but I can't promise I will be able to update it as often as I'd like.

First of all let me tell you a little about me and then I'll tell you more about the blog.

I was born and raised in a fairly nice part of Dublin, Ireland and moved to the UK when I was 21 to start a job, having done university back home. I now work as an oft-travelling executive in a large multinational which gives me some time, some money and some verbage on this fetish of ours.

I've actually been on the web with the smoking fetish from the really early days of the web. I remember the time back in 92/93 when there was really no such thing as the web per se; we had bulletin boards. Pictures were tiny, low-quality, took forever to download, had to be passed person by person...and it was hard being a smoking fetisher!

Besides the Web and the early stars such as Alex Xtreme and SmokeSigs (I remember reading with excitement their very first story post) I remember perusing, then later alt.smoking.glamour...going to the site ;-)

Then there was a revolution...IRC for the masses!! This allowed people to chat online...and I remember my first few smoking cyber chats...which of course very quickly morphed to phonesex etc etc.....

Fast Forward to today and we're spoilt! Thousands of websites with fantastic pictures, videos, chats, webcams all covering different aspects of the fetish. Some folk have come, others have gone and yet I remain, dedicated and addicted to the sight of a gorgeous woman smoking.

So why this Blog? fetish has changed slightly and how I act on it has also changed. The feitsh itself is becoming more recognised and widestream and therefore somewhat more commercial. I felt my thoughts, as much for me than for anyone else, could be put into a blog and be of interest to those who might want to peruse the musings of a fellow fetisher.

I hope you enjoy and I encourage you to add comments and contact me this blog continues to grow and grow!